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29 May 2020

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The following accessibility statement is intended to apply to all those areas of the Soul Train web site that have been designed to comply with accessibility guidelines.

Access Keys
Accessibility Software
Accessibility Style Preferences
Navigation Aids
Standards Compliance
Style Sheets
Tab Indexing

Access Keys    Back To Top

The site uses Access Keys to improve navigation. An Access Key is a key combination used to gain instant access to important or common parts of the site. Most browsers support access keys - please refer to the appropriate browser help files for information on how to use Access Keys. All pages on this site define the following access keys:

Where there are form elements on a page the access key relating to each form element is shown in the form element label as an underlined character.

Accessibility Software    Back To Top

The site was tested using IBM Home Page Reader Version 3.0, Jaws Version 5.51 and GW Micro Windows Eyes Professional Version 4.5.

Accessibility Style Preferences    Back To Top

The site offers users the facility to customise font size and colour schemes to suit their individual needs. Users can elect to save their chosen styles such that their preferences will be automatically applied to the site when revisited in the future. Any user preferences that are saved will be stored for a maximum of one month. If the user elects not to save their accessibility style preferences any customised style will not persist between visits. The site has been designed to comply with accessibility features offered by the leading browsers. For more information on accessibility features offered by your browser please consult your browser help facility.

Browsers    Back To Top

The site has been tested in a wide variety of browsers and text readers across different operating platforms. Test browsers include Internet Explorer 5.5+, Netscape Navigator 6.2, Mozilla 1.2.1, Opera 6.05 and Lynx 2.8.3. The site works equally well with JavaScript either enabled or disabled.

Cookies   Back To Top

Cookies are text files used, in this site, to store accessibility style preferences whilst the user is within the site. Upon closing the browser if the user has not selected to save their accessibility style preferences, all related cookies will be removed from the users's machine. If the user has selected to save their accessibility style preferences related cookies will persist on the user's machine for one month before their automatic expiry. Soul Train do not use cookies for collecting user information from this site and will not use cookies to collect any information about you except that required for system administration of the Web server.

Feedback    Back To Top

If you have trouble accessing any section of the website for whatever reason we welcome your feedback. You can either send an email to or use the online feedback form.

Links    Back To Top

Links have been written to make sense when taken out of context. Links have been assigned title attributes that describe the link. Link text is never duplicated throughout the site; two links with the same content always point to the same address. All links function correctly whether JavaScript is enabled or disabled. Where a link opens a new window the user is informed with the text (New Window) present in the link content and the title attribute.

Navigation Aids    Back To Top

All pages within this site use a clear and consistent navigation style. Navigation elements are positioned at the top of each page before the main content. Navigation elements consist of a 'Skip Navigation' element, a Breadcrumb Trail and any page-relevant links. The Skip Navigation link can be used to bypass the navigation elements and pass straight to the main content. Breadcrumb Trails indicate the user's path through the site to the current page. For example, Home > Site Map indicates the user has passed from the Home Page to the Site Map.

Standards Compliance    Back To Top

We have endeavoured to ensure that all pages within this site comply with all priority 1, 2 and 3 guidelines of the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Double-A standard. Meeting these guidelines relies upon judgement as the guidelines are intentionally vague and can not be tested definitively. However, having reviewed the guidelines every effort has been made to ensure all pages comply with the guidelines.
All pages in this site are Bobby AAA approved.
All pages in this site have been successfully validated by LIFT for Macromedia Dreamweaver.
All pages comply as being HTML 4.01 Transitional as tested by the W3C MarkUp Validation Service.
The stylesheets used in this site validate as CSS as tested by the W3C CSS Validation Service.

Style Sheets    Back To Top

All pages were created using Cascading Style Sheets allowing the user to adopt their own stylesheet should it be more suited to their particular needs. Please consult the appropriate browser help files for information on how this can be done.

Tab Indexing    Back To Top

To ensure device independence a tabbing order allows users to navigate through the site using the Tab key. Every page utilises a logical, linear tabbing order.

We Do Welcome Your Feedback    Back To Top

Please remember, if you have trouble accessing any section of the website for whatever reason you can either send an email to or use the online feedback form.